Bean Enhancement

  • Every Java / Scala Bean can be used for FXBean
  • FXBean has additional support for Java/Scala Maps
  • FXBean resolves Expressions on bean
  • FXBean creates Properties needed for Binding on demand
  • FXBean has change management by default

Scala JavaFX Bean Binding

  • Bindings by form id
  • Binding with converter
  • Adapter Pattern (FXBean Adapter)


The WindowController combines JavaFX Stage and Scene. Creates a stage and a scene. Scene content can be exchanged by replaceSceneContent function.

Sample with scene content switching can be found in the login demo.


  • Controller Lifecycle
  • Node Locator

First Class FXML Support

  • Easy Connect FXML with ViewController
  • Different FXML path options


  • Internationalization Support (i18n)
  • Expression Language Support (EL 3)