KeyBindings is a helper class for FXBean Adapter. It provides Bindings from beans to ui representations.

It contains convenience functions for adding keys to FXBean Adapter and for conversion.

Code Sample

FXML Snippet

<Label id="person"/>
<TextField id="name"/>
<TextField fx:id="age"/>

Scala ViewController Snippet

val bindings = KeyBindings("id", "name", "age", "test")
// Expression Binding Example
bindings.add("person", "${sf:i18n('personText',, _self.age())}")


Create Bindings

Bindings are created by the value of the id or fx:id attributes in the fxml file.


If node lookup from appication root node does not work, you can fix it by adding a parent Node to FXBeanAdapter.

var personBox: VBox = _

Add Converter