Paradox Reveal Theme


As a software developer i like to create presentations with code examples fast and easy. For technical presentations i prefer reveal.js (simple, portable, nice transitions …).

After using Paradox for my software documentation, i decided to use it also for my presentation slides. Having the presentation inside my project i like to present, the full power of paradox is available for a nice presentation with reveal.js. Maybe someone find it useful as well.

Use Paradox for Reveal.js presentations

Combine the power of Paradox with the HTML presentation framework reveal.js.

With Paradox for

and Reveal.js for

it is easy to create a presentation with code examples in short time.

Giter8 Template

Giter8 Template available under


Install plugin in project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin(“com.sfxcode.paradox” % “sbt-paradox-reveal” % “1.1.0”)

Enable Plugin in your build.sbt file: